Dr. Toni Indrayadi, M.Pd

Dr Toni Indrayadi, MPd is a Head of Scientific Research Publication Unit, lecturer and researcher at Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kerinci, Indonesia. Obtaining his doctor at the University of Jambi (UNJA), he is also rewarded as the best graduate of the UNJA postgraduate doctoral program at the 92nd graduation of the 2020-2021 academic year. Further, he is currently a part of Indonesian Lecturer Association since 2021.


Dr Toni Indrayadi, MPd now is being active as a journal reviewer in International Journal of Education Policy Research and Review. He had also attended international conferences in Indonesia and Malaysia such as Asian Youth Conference, English Education International Conference and Webinar Scopus. Moreover, he was awarded two grants from UNJA to support his research in 2020-2021.


Dr. Liubov Darzhinova

Dr Liubov Darzhinova is a graduand of the Centre for Research on Linguistics and Language Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong. She has been conducting research at the interface of psycholinguistics and language pedagogy with specific focus on second language processing, reading comprehension, and computer-assisted language assessment. Her research papers were published in international journals and monographs, including International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organization, The Journal of Asia TEFL, and The New Research of Tuva.



Dr. Zuraidah binti Ismail

Dr Zuraidah binti Ismail is a member of Ministry of Education Malaysia as a senior assistant secretary. Before working in Strategic Planning and International Relations Division, she was a lecturer and an instructor who had taught many subjects in Malaysia. She was also an Academic Tutoring Partner in United Kingdom at The University of Leeds in 2015-2017.


Dr Zuraidah binti Ismail has contributed a bunch of prestigious professional experiences such as being presenters and committee in several international conferences; a part of UNESCO Teacher Task Force, a Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA) and PISA instrument translator, journal reviewer, a trainer for Malaysia-Australia project for Afghanistan (MAEPA), and a trainer for Curriculum Review and Revised Course.