Dr Irena Kuzborska is a Lecturer in Second Language Education and Programme Leader for PhD TESOL at Department of Education, University of York, United Kingdom. She joined the Department in September 2011, after completing her PhD in Applied Linguistics and MA in English Language Teaching at the University of Essex. Dr Irena was the holder of an ESRC 1+3 award, 2004 and a Lithuanian Foundation scholarship, 2005.

Dr Irena’ interests include two research areas:

The Development of Academic Literacy
In her PhD, Dr Irena focused on the relationship between EAP teachers’ beliefs and practices in reading instruction to advanced learners of English in a Lithuanian University. The findings of her PhD research support the notion that teaching can profoundly be shaped by personal beliefs and interpretations. She is thus particularly interested in researching EAP teaching contexts further and gaining insights into EAP teachers’ perceptions of academic reading and writing, their expectations of student performance, and their approaches when counselling students on their reading and writing.

The Acquisition of Academic Literacy
Dr Irena is also interested in the acquisition of academic literacy in a second language and have started researching international students’ reading and writing development, their expectations and difficulties with their courses, and what it means for students to undergo the process of acquiring academic literacy. This knowledge of the processes through which students acquire the academic discourses is hoped to help language educators and materials designers better prepare students for the demands of Higher Education.


(Adopted from University of York website)