Irfan Rifai, Ph.D

Irfan Rifai, PhD is a lecturer at Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya. He was educated at Leeds University in the UK with the research focus on youth culture, style and identity. Prior his PhD, he was a fellow at Leiden University, the Netherlands under the scheme Indonesia’s Young Leaders Scholarship, researching multicultural education in Indonesia. During his stay in the Netherlands, he also participated in summer school at Utrecht University, auditing educational measurement and applied multivariate analysis classes.

Irfan is a staunch supporter of interdisciplinary perspective, and his research and scholarship interests are closely interrelated to sociocultural aspect in English language teaching, academic literacy, and teacher professional development, including the issue of identity in English language teaching. With regard to identity in English language teaching, he paid particular attention on how individuals make sense of themselves or how teachers and students take up particular identities in the dynamic and (super) diverse ELT classroom, where social, cultural, linguistic, time, space and technology (co)-construct on it. In particular, how teachers and students position themselves vis-a-vis in the advance of technological use in the classrooms and how their identity imagined, represented and enacted through their discourses and actions.  Understanding the issue of identity in English Language teaching will, therefore, help us mapping out aspects which potentially foster or inhibit the language learning and teaching.